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Dental Crowns

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A dental crown is used to cover a damaged tooth. This is one of the treatment options a dentist may recommend for a weak, broken or decayed tooth. It is a type of dental restoration that completely encircles a dental implant or tooth. They are fixed prosthetic devices. They are stuck in a tooth, unlike dentures which can be removed.

For fractured teeth, the dentist will suggest having an X-ray beforehand. This is to check whether the break reaches the root of the tooth or if the root is misplaced due to the impact dealt with it. If this happens, a dental crown will not be recommended and tooth extraction is a possibility.

To make dental crowns, a tooth will be reduced in size. About one to two millimeters of the original tooth will be removed. This is done so that a crown can fit over that tooth. Expect the dentist to use drills until only a small portion of the tooth is left protruding. No pain is felt during the drilling. Depending on a person’s sensitivity, only a slight tingly sensation will be perceived. A mold will then be placed to know the accurate size and shape of the tooth.

The kinds of a dental crown are; Porcelain fused to Metal, Metal, All Resin or All Plastic crowns and All-Ceramic or All Porcelain Crowns. Each kind will be discussed thoroughly below.

Porcelain fused to metal are also known as PFM crowns. The crown’s inner portion is metal while the outer surface is porcelain. These crowns are stronger than All Porcelain types. It also has a higher aesthetic value than Metal Alloy crowns. One drawback is that a metal or black line is visible along the gum line. They are mostly recommended if the damaged tooth is a molar since the crown should withstand the process of chewing.

Metal crowns can be gold alloy, palladium alloy or metal alloy. There is less tooth reduction in this type of dental crown. They are not ideal for front teeth since its color does not match a normal tooth. They are mostly placed in the back portion because it does not break easily so it is ideal for chewing and biting.

All Resin or All Plastic crowns are the most affordable types of dental crowns. They have a high aesthetic value. The disadvantage when using this type of crown is that it breaks easily. All Resin crowns will discolor after about three to five years. They are usually placed in the front. One should make a conscious effort to not chew or bite so much in that area to avoid breaking the crown.

All Ceramic or All Porcelain Crowns are usually advised to people with metal allergies. These crowns are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are more durable than All Resin crowns but are less durable than Metal crowns. One drawback is that the dentist will remove more of the tooth due to the thickness of the crown. The dentist will also have a hard time fitting it on a gum line.

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