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Dentist: Free Gifts

Giving away dental promotional products is a tried and true way to delight your customers. Whether you do it as a ‘thank you for your business’ giveaway to your patients of record after they visit your practice for a check-up or to see your oral hygienist, or as a means to entice new patients to call or visit your office.

Handing out dental promotional items is worth more than good public relations and as a marketing tactic. You’re also reminding people of the need to take oral health seriously. It’s commonplace for every dental practice to give their patients a bag containing a new toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and dental floss.

What may turn some heads is distributing unique dental promotional products, however, make the decision on what items to select, do consider your current patients of record, and the demographics of the community where you are.

Being a dental patient at a dental clinic has its own perks! Here are the current promotions:

First Visit? No problem! Get an FREE Gift.

We appreciate you being with us and have given us the opportunity to provide you with our dental care services. Thus, in turn, with our kind gesture, we will give all of our first-time visitors an FREE gift!

You can choose one from the following:

  • A teeth whitening kit that you can take home; or an
  • Electric toothbrush

Student? Your student identification card can save you!

There is an up to 20% discount with active student coverage on dental cleanings and fillings.

Win an iPad!

As a regular patient of ours, you have a chance to win an iPad!

This is a terrific promotional gift for adults. Your adult patients will likely use while at work where colleagues will spot it.

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