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Tooth Extraction: Dentist? Oral Surgeon?

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When it comes to tooth extraction, most of us take this situation lightly. But it should be taken into action immediately. We often get to ask if we need a dentist or an oral surgeon. Thus, you have to choose the right health care provider with this situation.

Do not get confused, both professions can perform tooth extraction. But how do you know which one of them you should choose? To be safe, the type of procedure you need to have, the extremity of the procedure determines which profession should be chosen.

st3Whenever there is a tooth complication, reach out to your dentist first. The consultation usually includes an examination of the affected tooth and x-ray examination. An evaluation is then performed to conclude whether a tooth extraction is needed or not. From the discretion of the dentist, it is then determined whether an oral surgeon is needed or not.

When the tooth can be extracted using local anesthesia (novocaine), then the dentist can do the work. However, if the dentist thinks an oral surgeon is necessary, then a referral should be done.

What are the reasons for referral to an oral surgeon? Here is the basis on why you should see an oral surgeon, and a successful tooth extraction is needed.

Impacted teeth

If you have an impacted teeth, or the tooth is fully below the gum line, extracting the teeth can be difficult than just simply pulling the teeth out. The extraction of an impacted teeth will basically involve general anesthesia, and an incision should be done into the gums to remove the teeth.

Facial Structure

The positions of your teeth may not allow the dentist to perform a teeth extraction without causing a discomfort. Conditions such as large sinuses, limited jaw mobility should need an oral surgeon to extract a teeth.

Cracked or fractured teeth

Teeth that have been cracked or fractured are difficult to remove, why? The cracked or fractured teeth will most likely break more during the removal of the teeth. This condition requires an intensive surgery like what is needed for an impacted tooth.

Dental Anxiety

Aside from the condition of the tooth, there are patients who are anxious or have a fear of having a dental care, thus they likely prefer to be in a deep sleep during a tooth extraction. In this situation, the oral surgeon provides a general anesthesia to the patient. However, you should take note, that you should not receive any anesthesia from a person who is not a trained professional. It is alarming when you experience an adverse reaction from an anesthesia.

Extraction Complications

As much as complications are avoided by every dentist and oral surgeons, things can go wrong during some procedures. Extraction complication happens when the tooth has a complex root or cracks during the procedure. Discomforts and risks for further complication should be minimized, thus the oral surgeon will do its job as quickly as possible.

With this note, be careful about choosing which professional to approach.

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