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Dentistry is the occupation concerned with the prevention and treatment of supporting tissues, oral disease, and particularly diseases of the teeth. Why does one need a dentist? For everyone’s information, what happens in and around the mouth can affect other parts of the body. This is why one needs to have healthy teeth, gums, and a dentist. Recent studies have shown that the bacteria in decaying teeth and infected gums are linked to heart disease, stroke, pre-term births and low birth-weight babies. There is a number of things that a dentist can do with your oral problem or how to prevent you from getting one. The dentist may treat your tooth decay by doing root canal treatment or removing the diseased or eroded portion and filling the cavity, he or she may polish superficial stains and replace discolored fillings, apply tooth sealant to prevent further decay, and sometimes do a surgery because it is needed to remove an impacted tooth especially the troublesome wisdom tooth. You may not know this, but dentists can also prescribe you antibiotics if the infection has set in.

Regularly visiting the dentist may not be everybody’s errand to look forward to but we believe it is important and worth to keep. If you find yourself wondering why you should regularly visit your dentist, here are some of the several reasons and check if we’ve got something for you to think about. One is to have an early detection of dental plaques, caries, and tartar. This is to prevent further damage that results in dental erosion. This dental erosion may infect its neighboring tooth and so on which can result in further damage to the teeth . Two is the detection of gum disease and most especially, the early detection of oral cancer. Oral cancer is a serious disease that can manifest in various of ways and dentists are trained, I mean highly trained, to recognize the signs and symptoms and determine the extent of cancer. Three is your dentist can resolve any abnormalities that take place in your teeth, gums, and even in your head, neck, and nodes. You may not know what happens in and around your mouth until the dentist determines any problem in it.

In the life of a dentist practically every day is a challenge. Most dentists work four or five days a week and most full-time dentists work about forty hours a week, but others work more. Dentists are the first lines of defense for the oral hygiene of a person. They will clean up your mouth and keep them healthy. It is important to visit your dentist twice a year, aside from tooth decay, we may also find gum disease, oral diseases, and oral Cancer; to remove the plaque that builds up around the mouth that causes these diseases. By catching these in the early stages, your dentist may prevent more serious damages that will build up and prevent more intensive treatments in the upcoming years. You must be comfortable with your dentist, it is a personal relationship between you and your dentist. Regular dental care is a key factor in maintaining good overall health and brighter smiles.

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